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Cycling is a physical activity that involves the use of bicycles. There are different types of cycling and each cycling type has its benefits for the body. It is popular in many countries of the world. Popular cycling types include road cycling, tandem cycling, track cycling, cyclocross, mountain bike cycling, and BMX.

Being a member of a bike club is one way of learning to ride different types of bikes. It is also another way of improving your social life. There are many benefits of belonging to a bike club.

Cycling events and activities are always exciting whether you are a participant or a spectator. Cycling events always test your biking skills, and ability to endure, persevere and win. Cycling events are also avenues for you to compete with other cyclists and make money, win laurels and break records.

Biking is even more exciting when you are biking with others. There are several benefits of riding bikes with other bikers in a group. You can make it more interesting if you start a bike club to accommodate biking enthusiasts like yourself.

Also, biking can be used to lose weight after you have delivered a baby. Women that love cycling might be itching to get back on the saddle after delivery. Cycling can make it easier for you to do just that because your pregnancy and the birth have put your body through a great ordeal.

Furthermore cycling is one activity that can improve family bonding. Family cycling comes with great benefits. When family members bike together they share valuable times together and get to know each other better. A family that bike together stay together.

This magazine provides information about cycling and bikes. It contains articles about the benefits of joining a bike club, how you can compete in bike races, how you can start and run a bike club, and more.