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How To Start And Run A Bike Club

Cycling is a very exciting activity. It’s even more exciting when you are biking with others. There are several benefits of riding bikes with other bikers in a group. You can make it more interesting if you start a bike club to accommodate biking enthusiasts like yourself. Here are some ideas on how you can start a bike club.

Identify A Purpose

Have a purpose for your bike club. You can make it clearer to prospective members by drawing up a mission statement so that everyone has a clear idea of what the club’s aims and objectives are and what to expect. Do this early on before the club starts engaging in any activity.

Determine The Identity

Also early on in the life of the club, you have to determine the identity of your club. What kind of members of society do you want to attract to your club? Is it an elitist bike club or an all-comers affair? Is it gender-based? Will the club ride be for fitness’ sake or just for charity? Take time to outline all these and give your club a direction.

Choose A Base

Have an established base for your bike club. This could be a school field, in front of a community center, a bike trail, or a bike shop. You can also generate interest by sponsoring rides and presenting interesting club activities.

Decide On Regular Rides

Develop a scheduled regular ride as a club. This ride time should be regular and always on the same route. Riding together makes club members socialize and know each other better. The ride could always end with a club meeting to address important club affairs.

Generate Funds

Another important issue is how the club can generate funds. The club can decide to levy members or impose a monthly membership fee. Also, the club can be sponsored by local businesses. Funds generated can be used to take care of club necessities. Organize your events around one community idea or the other and attract sponsors.

Some financial aspects that you might also consider as a club include member fees, budgets, fundraisers, audits, and taxes.

Starting and running a bike club might require a lot of work but it’s also extremely rewarding when it becomes a success. Plan carefully, manage efficiently, and encourage good member participation.