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The Newbie’s Guide To The Most Popular Types Of Cycling

Cycling is a physical activity that involves the use of bicycles. There are different types of cycling and each cycling type has its benefits for the body. It is popular in many countries of the world. Here are some popular cycling types you need to know.

Road Cycling

This is the most popular type of cycling.It is an activity that can take place on tarmac and the bicycles are usually lightweights. Anyone can learn how to ride bikes on the road. Also, you can take it up as a sport and compete in numerous competitions and events that draw a lot of competitors and spectators.

Tandem Cycling

Tandem cycling is an old type of cycling but it has endured and is still enjoyed by many people. The tandem bike is developed to be ridden by more than one person at a time. Tandems are also popular in the race scene. As a team cycling sport, it requires trust, effort, and synchronized fitness abilities.

Track Cycling

This is the type of cycling that usually take place on specially built banked tracks called velodromes. It’s fast. It’s tasking. It’s a major sporting activity. Track bikes do not have brakes or freewheels. The two major types of track cycling are sprint and endurance races.


Cyclocross is essentially a road racing type of cycling but the bikes have mountain bike tires. It’s also messy because you have to race in laps across terrains and surfaces and difficult obstacles that require you to carry your bike over and continue.

Mountain Bike Cycling

This is a type of cycling that involves racing with specialized mountain bikes on mountainous terrains. The bikes are considerably heavier than road bikes. They have soft supple suspensions that make climbing an interesting experience.


BMX bridges the gap between motocross and bicycles. The word BMX stands for “bicycle motocross”.  The bikes are strong single-gear bicycles and can be ridden on special off-road single-lap tracks both indoor and outdoor. BMX is super fun and an all-year-round sport.

Cycling is a fun-filled activity no matter the type. You can try out any of these types of cycling that we have outlined here to either just have fun or take part in a competition. For more information, you can contact us.